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Properties services

Properties services

It´s great to have a second home in Mallorca.
Enjoy the property, while you know it´s in good hands and it's looked after. 
YourMallorca offers a complete property-service package at a fixed monthly rate.
The package offers a weekly property visit. This means that once a week a technician will take care of your house and check the following installations:
Heating systems including oil-tank and change from winter to summer service. 
Air conditioning systems
Heat pumps
Solar and photovoltaic system and generators 
Pool check
Garden irrigation system 
Electric boxes 
Windows and doors 
If any damages are noted, we will immediately notify the owner, and once authorised take care of the reparations.
Additionally we also offer the following services through our carefully selected professionals:
Pool maintenance and service, garden maintenance, garden landscaping and irrigations and much more.
With us your property will be looked after. Do not hesitate in contacting us should you require additional information. Click here.

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